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When you successfully join Casitsu Partners, you will automatically receive an amazing 30% to 50% Revenue Share based on the number of New Depositing Customers you send our way.
Revenue Share
Revenue Share
Revenue Share
Revenue Share
Revenue Share

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Frequently Asked Questions

Very Easy. Click “Sign Up”, fill in all mandatory fields and then wait for your account to be approved. Once approved, you can immediately start using our marketing materials.
Casitsu Partners is an online gambling affiliate program. We reward partners for referring customers to our online casino, www.casitsu.com. Our affiliates direct traffic through unique tracking links that are available on the affiliate platform and will be rewarded according to the agreed commission structure.
Terms on condition are available Here.
We offer a wide range of commission structure to best fit your marketing strategy and business model. Revenue share, CPA and Hybrid. Revenue share is the preferred commission structure for online casino affiliates. With revenue share you will earn a share of your player’s Net Revenue throughout the lifetime of their account activity. CPA is a single payout for each new depositing customer. Hybrid deals combine the benefits of both revenue share and CPA commission structures.
All commission structures have their benefits. Online casino affiliates prefer revenue share as they will earn a percentage of the net Gaming for the lifetime of the player’s activity under their account. CPA is a one-time payment for the referral of each new depositing customer. There are no limits to the amounts that can be earned with revenue share while CPA will be a one-time, one-off payment.
At Casitsu affiliates there is no limit! We will tailor a custom commission structure according to the value and volume of the traffic that is supplied by each affiliate. The sky is the limit!
Once approved at our online casino affiliate program you will automatically qualify for our unique tier based revenue share plan. With this plan you will earn up to 50% revenue share according to the amount of customers you will refer to us on a calendar month.
Payments will be made at Net+30 from the last day of the calendar month. We offer all standard payment method on our affiliate program; wire transfer, online payment solutions and Bitcoin.
All the marketing material is available on our Casitsu Partners affiliate platform. Marketing materials available are tracking links, banners and logos. Please consult with your dedicated account manager for further assistance or consultation on the best and most efficient way to use our marketing materials.
Bonus codes and offers are available and vary according to the customer’s country. Please consult with your account manager to find the correct offers for your audience.
Casitsu Partners offers a variety of incentives for new customers. These bonuses vary according to the product you are promoting and the market you are targeting. Latest promotions are available here.
Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your devices. The stored data enables an improved experience while you surf the web. Cookies remember your preferences, navigation history and activity. We use the cookies to provide you with a unique and custom journey throughout our site. Things like login details, time zones and language are stored to ensure a friendly user experience while using different areas of our sites. Cookies are also used for your tracking links. This ensures that customers that have been referred to us by you, are assigned to your commission account.